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Aims & Objectives

  1. To inculcate essential qualities like time management quick reflexes and a zeal to excel, in our pupils in today’s fast paced and highly competitive professional world.

  2. To imbibe precious human values like moral code of conduct, respect to elders and integrity of character among our students in their formative years of adolescence.

  3. To organize periodic counseling of our students to provide them proper guidelines in curricular and co-curricular activities towards their quest for gaining quality knowledge with holistic development.

  4. To incorporate the elements of discipline, physical fitness, sportsman spirit and a sense of healthy competitiveness in the young minds at our sports arena to make them individuals of character and integrity to ace the challenges of tomorrow.

  5. To impart quality education at nominal cost to the children of all sections of society specially under privileged section.

  6. To develop important traits of character like honesty, diligence, self discipline, sense of social responsibility concern for human rights and to promote latent talents for leadership and responsibility.

  7. To promote the highest standards in all respects of the curriculum by ensuring that all pupils develop to their full potential.

  8. To motivate the children to achieve excellence in every sphere of life.

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